North Georgia Traditional Archery

<html> <head> <style type="text/css"> .fw-widget-cover { position:absolute; } .fw-widget { display:inline; overflow:hidden; } </style> </head> <body><p>We invite and encourage anyone interested in the sport of traditional archery to join us once a month at our family friendly site just outside of Gainesville,&nbsp;GA.</p><p>We set out 3-D targets on wooded acreage to simulate the hunting environment.&amp;amp;amp;nbsp; We offer a number of class categories to compete in or just come for the pleasure of shooting.&amp;amp;amp;nbsp; We are a traditional archery club and do not allow compound or crossbow shooting on our range. We set out anywhere from 20 to 30 targets with a shooting range.&nbsp;The course usually opens at 8:30 am with last starting time at 2:30 pm. &nbsp;A practice range is also available. We often have novelty shoots as well. Concessions available for a donation. Shoot fees are $10 per person for non-members, $5 per person for members and $15 for families. The format is non-competetive in that no trophies or awards are given except at the annual club championship, usually held in August each year. We expect and require appropriate and safe behavior at all times while on our premises.&amp;amp;amp;nbsp; Minors must be accompanied by an adult. Binoculars are OK on the course, but you probably won't need them, No compound bows. No crossbows. No sites on any bows. No broadheads allowed. Please shoot in groups of not more than 6 people so as not to delay progress on the course.</p><p>Men's and Women's Recurve - Any traditional recurve bow with any arrow Men's and Women's Longbow - Any traditional longbow with any arrow; Primitive - Self-bows of natural materials with wood or cane arrows only. Plastic nocks are OK; Seniors - Age 60+ with any traditional bow and any arrow; Youth - Age 12 - 16; Any traditional bow with any arrow Age 11 and under: Any traditional bow with any arrow</p></body> </html>

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